Body Politics

Body Politics is a workshop series that invites artists into the gallery space to experiment and explore the dynamics of performance. Body Politics is facilitated by artist mentors who share elements of their own practice and research to use spaces in performative ways.

Devised and convened by artist and curator, Zoë Bastin, this program aims to respond to foster emerging performance-based artists.

Season One of Body Politics focussed on Space. The dynamics of perfoming within the gallery, the sculptural potential of the body, objecthood and the political dynamics of performing in space. Facilitated by Eugenia Lim, Shelley Lasica, Bridie Lunney and Torie Nimmervoll.

Season Two of Body Politics focussed on The Voice and will be facilitated by Archie Barry, Jo Lloyd, Steven Rhall, and Lilian Steiner whose practices engage with the cultural and political histories of performance through speaking.

Season Three of Body Politics is focussing on Uncanny Embodiments and Queer Alterities. What does it mean for bodies to exceed the possibilities of normative modes of becoming? Facilitated by Luke George, Alexander Powers, Sarah Aiken and Hamish McIntosh.


Photos: Body Politics at Bus Projects with Eugenia Lim, Shelley Lasica, Bridie Lunney and Torie Nimmervoll photos by Zan Wimberley