Born 1992. Lives and works in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia.


2016 - 2021 PhD, School of Art, RMIT University

2011 - 2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons 1st class), School of Art, RMIT University

Awards and Residencies

2024 Bundanon Residency

2023 Minimax Residency, Chunky Move

2023 Police Point Residency

2023 Gun Powder Trading Post Residency, Wollumla

2022 Articulating Practice, Critical Path

2022 Villa Lena Art Foundation Residency, Tuscany, Italy

2021 Emerging Choreographers Program, Dancehouse

2021 Minimax Residency, Chunky Move

2016-2020 Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship

2020 Dual Existence, Digital Residency Program

2018 c3 Art Space Development Residency

2017 Testing Grounds Residency

2015 Vice Chancellor's Award, RMIT University

Selected Performance & Exhibition History

Waves Are Disturbances
2023 performed by Al Jefimenko, Siobhan McKenna, Alex Dobson and Valentina Emerald, Know My Name, Mornington Peninsula Regional Art Gallery

2023 performed by Al Jefimenko, Hayley Does, Alex Dobson and Valentina Emerald, How We Rise, Silver Leaf Art Box, Merricks, Mornington Peninsula

2022 performed by Haley Does and Al Jefimenko, Out of Bounds, Temperance Hall

2022 (film) Melbourne Fashion Festival's Independent Program, Centre for Projection Art, Collingwood Yards

2021 performed by Haley Does, Inertia, Dancehouse with support from Regional Arts Victoria

2020 performed by Zoë Bastin, Bloc Projects

2018 BLINDSIDE Regional Residency, Coastal VIC, NSW and QLD


2023 performed by Haley Does, Al Jefimenko, Alexandra Dobson, Valentina Emerald, Iris Elgar, Ashlee Barton, Lui Eidelson, Paris Robinson, Rachel Mackie, Texas Nixon-Kain, Out of Bounds, Temperance Hall

2023 performed by Haley Does, Al Jefimenko, Alexandra Dobson, Valentina Emerald, Iris Elgar, Ashlee Barton, Lui Eidelson, Paris Robinson, Rachel Mackie, Texas Nixon-Kain, Bus Projects

2023 development, Dancehouse

2023 development, Critical Path, Sydney

2022 performed by Zoë Bastin, Villa Lena Art Fondazione, Tuscany, Italy

Enough - Commissioned by NETS Victoria for Conflated National Touring Exhibition
2024 Horsham Regional Gallery

2024 Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and (forthcoming)

2023 Logan Art Gallery

2023 Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

2023 Deakin University Art Gallery

2022 School Of Art and Design Gallery Australian National University

That Which Was Once Familiar
2021 performed by Hayley Does, Alice Jefimenko, Ebony Muller, Julia Luby, Sue Hockey, Tizana Saunders and Zoë Bastin, presented by Dancehouse and Bus Projects for Midsumma Festival with support from Chunky Move, Melbourne City Council and Yarra City Arts

2021 (film) Virtue Signalling, BLINDSIDE

2021 (prints) commissioned by Art Box with Negative Press

2020 (film) Bus Video, Bus Projects

2023 performed by Zoë Bastin, Now Pieces, Dancehouse

2022 Sculpture - Platform for Shared Praxis, C A V E S Gallery

2018 performed by LJ Connolly-Hiatt, Jesse Gall and Sue Hockey, c3 Contemporary Art Space

Step One - Commissioned by Headspace Australia
2020 Visible online exhibition

Redemption for the Redeemer

2020 performed by Zoë Bastin, KINGS Artist Run

2019 performed by Zoë Bastin, Bus Projects

2019 Felt Space

2018 Movement and Art Series curated by John Nixon, MADA Gallery, Monash University

2018 Seventh Gallery

“Milk with one please”
2017 performed by Laura Albee Barton and Zoë Bastin, Treatment Flightlines, curated by David Cross and Cameron Bishop, Werribee Treatment Plant presented by Melbourne Water and Deakin University

Not Discrete

Curatorial Projects & Public Programs

2023 Body Politics Season Three Hamish McIntosh, Brooke Stamp, Sarah Aiken, Alexander Powers, Jonathan Homsey and Luke George

2022 - 2024 Conflated National Touring Exhibition co-curated with Claire Watson NETS Victoria

2022 Just Breathe by Mig Dann, co-curated with Josephine Mead, Abbotsford Convent with support from Yarra City Arts

2022 Body Politics Season Two featuring Steven Rhall, Archie Barry, Jo Lloyd and Lilian Steiner, Bus Projects

2021 The Intimacy of Scrutiny: Mig Dann curated with Josephine Mead, Counihan Gallery

2019 Relics of Survival featuring Josephine Mead, Zoë Bastin, Kari Lee McInneny-McRae, Jazz Money, Bridget Griffiths, Katie Paine, Bus Projects

2018 Body Politics Season One featuring Shelley Lasica, Eugenia Lim, Bridie Lunney and Torie Nimmervoll, Bus Projects

2018 Presence co-curated with Brigid Hansen featuring Anna Horne, Archie Barry, Isabella Hone-Saunders, Holly Bates, Lou Fourie, BLINDSIDE

2017 Parasite Arts Laboratory presented by All Conference and West Space

Speaking Appearances

2023 - 2024 Conflated Curatorial Talks, Deakin University Art Gallery, Logan Art Gallery, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

2022 Queer Antidotes: Specificity in Theory and Practice, co-conyened with Hamish McIntosh featuring Melissa Ratliff, Frances Barrett, Phillip Adams, Sang Thai and Eden Swan AAANZ Annual Conference, University of Melbourne and the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Monash University

2022 Conflated #1: Zoë Bastin on conflation, bodies and transformative politics, Art Guide Australia Podcast

2022 (In)Corporeal Encounters, Emergent disorders of the (kin)aesthetic with Brooke Stamp, Amelia Wallin and Tiriki Onus, VCA Dance, University of Melbourne in partnership with Dancehouse

2022 Articulations Articulations with Devika Bilimoria, Eugenia Lim, Jodi Hanes and Scotty So hosted by Centre for Projection Art and Collingwood Yards for Melbourne Fashion Week

2021 TWWOF discussion with Dr Philipa Rothfield and Josephine Mead, Chunky Move

2020 Whose bodies are allowed to count and why, paper presented for Research Exchange, RMIT University

2018 ‘What Makes an Object Happy?’ paper presented at AAANZ Annual Conference, RMIT University

2018 The Estranged Body, Power of Immersion, Facilitated by Greg Seigworth, Free University of Berlin

2018 The why of Choreography, conversation with Shelley Lasica and Dr Sally Gardener, c3 Art Space

2017 Treatment; Flightlines, conversation with Prof. David Cross, Cameron Bishop, Fiona Hilary and Zoë Bastin, Research Exchange, RMIT University

2017 Critical Conversation Two: Spatial Discourse, facilitated by Katie Paine, First Site Gallery

2016 Rolling, Hanging, Tying; a continuous chain of events, paper presented at AAANZ Annual Conference, Australian National University, Canberra