Zoë Bastin is an artist. Her expanded choreographic practice considers exhibition, installation, publication and performance as part of the same political project - the reorganisation of societal structures that limit bodies.

Zoë Bastin Dance is a contemporary dance company founded by Zoë Bastin. The company champions diversity, queer representation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. As one of the first openly queer femme artistic directors in Australia, Zoë Bastin has emerged as a cultural leader, storyteller, and agent of change within the dance community. Zoë Bastin Dance operates at the convergence of conceptual art and genre-breaking dance performance, creating transformative experiences through collaborative projects that traverse academic, gallery, theatre, and public art realms.

Bastin’s practice emerged during visual art studies (BFA, Hon, PhD) considering the sculptural potential of the physical body. She studied, then later taught, at Mangala Studios in Carlton, an important site in the lineage of Australian German Expressionist Dance (est. 1970). In recent years her research has become increasingly interested in the complexity of practices, ideologies, and aesthetic modes of making within settler Australian legacies of dance and their intersection with visual art.

In 2021 she completed a PhD at RMIT University. Zoë has previously exhibited & performed at the Villa Lena Foundazione, Chunky Move, Bus Projects, Dancehouse, Midsumma Festival, Felt Space, c3 Contemporary Art Space, Seventh Gallery, Testing Grounds, BLINDSIDE, Bloc Projects, KINGS Artist Run, MADA Gallery at Monash University, Project Space at RMIT University & The Substation.